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Ensuring today’s workforce is ready for tomorrow.

5 Stones offers a wide range of services to prepare your organisation for the future. Whether you need new talent or you are investing in the talent you currently have, 5 Stones has the right tools to keep your company ambitions and focussed on growth.

Strategic Executive Search

Strategic Executive Search

We specialise in a wide range of disciplines to maximise your talent search. 5 Stones’ consultants are specially trained in the disciplines they serve to identify top performers.

  • Customised Recruitment Searches
  • Finding the Right Talent at the Right Price
  • Niche Project Recruitment Specialists
Strategic Executive Search


We assist organisations by helping them find the talent they need while lowering costs through outsourcing. By analysing your company’s needs, we identify any concerns that outsourcing can correct, including:

  • Improved Organisational Focus
  • Risk Sharing
  • Lowered Operating Expenses
Strategic Executive Search

Onsite or Offsite Team Building

Today’s highly competitive market requires utilising a cohesive workforce and not focussing on individual employees. At 5 Stones, we help you build customised and dynamic work environments.

  • Cultivate Existing Talent
  • Create Engaging Work Atmospheres
  • Empower Team Members to Work Together
Strategic Executive Search

Training Courses

5 Stones’ training courses allow you to actualise the full potential of your employees. Our trainers work with your company to ensure you have the training regime you need to drive your business forward.

  • Leadership Development
  • Advance Employees’ Skills
  • Customised Training Solutions
Strategic Executive Search


5 Stones’ customised payroll outsourcing allows your company the flexibility to get the extra help you need for a project when constricted by an economic hiring freeze. With our payroll service you are able to focus on your organisation’s immediate needs and drive your business forward while staying on budget.

  • Minimise Labour Costs
  • Boost Employee Efficiency
  • Lower Compliance Risks


“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.”

– Vince Lombardi –